Peru – Transform Yourself in the Sacred Valley

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Aug 3- Aug 10, 2019

(8 Days, 7 Nights)

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The sacred valley of Peru is exactly as it sounds… sacred. The landscape, breathtaking. The people, passionately compassionate. The food, fulfilling. The energy, indescribable. Stepping foot on the ancient ruins of the Incas, profound.

The wisdom of indigenous cultures, tropical mountain forest and epic views will inspire you for years to come. Embark upon a journey within and experience a deeper sense of self, as the magical beauty of the land nourishes and uplifts your soul. Each day you’ll explore various integrative practices to free your mind, body and heart and enlighten a new way of being.

Courtney Bauer, the founder of Curriculum of AUM and former Studio ANYA will facilitate mind/body movement and self-care workshops to attune your awareness to the natural flows of the body. Johnson Chong, founder of Sagehouse and the Creator of Exodus retreats, will guide the group on breath work practices, and a transformational inquiry based discovery process called InnerGuidanceTM, to help you come more fully into your self-mastery. Our special guest facilitator, Solara Anani, founder of The Heart of AN and the author of The Star-Borne: A Remembrance for the Awakened Ones will lead us in embodied practices for a duality free reality and a New Earth.

In addition to these rich offerings, we will also be visiting sacred sites like Machu Picchu, and the Incan ruins around the Sacred Valley, and participate in Pachamama ceremonies and huachuma plant ceremonies with our resident shaman, Jose in the valley. All of these experiences have been carefully considered and curated to illuminate the Truth from within.

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(We are taking only 12 people with us for this intimate once in a life time adventure!)

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