Courtney Bauer

Creator of Curriculum AUM

Courtney, for as long as she can remember, has been connected to heightened sensibilities that are difficult to explain. She’s an avid seeker, student, and teacher of the principles of Truth through conscious inquiry via movement and meditation.

Throughout the past 20 years, she synthesized her practice and knowledge into Curriculum AUM, and founded Studio Anya in New York City where she trained and mentored hundreds of aspiring yoga and pilates teachers in her method. Her studio was a haven for like-minded individuals who longed for a sacred connection to self thru daily self-care practices.

Courtney is a teacher of teachers, and has also worked extensively as an energy worker and bodyworker and co-heads the 500 hour yoga program for massage therapists at the Swedish Institute, a health science college in New York. It is her passion and calling to help others fall in love with the art of conscious living as a unique expression of their soul. And when she is not teaching, she is a mother of one and an avid writer of mindful musings that motivate positive change, and intuitive wisdom and action-oriented skills for getting in touch with what moves the True you.