Since 2012, Exodus Retreats has been offering holistic wellness experiences globally. We create a space for deep transformation through the reconnection of the mind, body, emotions and energy. Each retreat is themed and customized according to the destination and the uniqueness of the land and people we meet. Through the integration of practicing Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation and Shamanic Healing, we gather with the purpose of becoming the best version of ourselves.

Upcoming Transformational Retreats

Journey into Wholeness Retreat

Aug 12 – 14, 2022 (3 days NSW, Australia)

*This retreat has limited capacity of 15 people. Please look on the registration info below to ensure you save your spot.
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A Sacred Journey into the Heart of the Himalayas

Bhutan March 25-April 2 & Oct 6-Oct 15 2023 (7 & 10 Day Options)

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What is an Exodus Retreats Experience Like?

Inner Peace through Inner Guidance in Thailand

Eliminate Stress and Restore Gut Health in Greece

Nepal – Self Discovery Retreat

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Bhutan: A Sacred Journey of Self Discovery in the Heart of the Himalayas

7 Days April 25 – May 1, 2019

9 Days April 25 – May 4, 2019

The magic of Bhutan is not describable with words. We experienced the beauty of the land and the people in this remote kingdom hidden away in the Himalayas. What we discovered was completely unexpected. Together, we felt a deeper connection to ourselves and everything and everyone around us – because there was a deep longing in our hearts to experience who we authentically are. Through the practices of yoga, meditation and the InnerGuidanceTM process, we began the unfolding more deeply into our truth while embodying more joy and love in the here and now.

Inner Peace & Inner Guidance Retreat – Koh Phangan, Thailand

Nov 2 – Nov 6, 2018 (5D, 4N)

Inner Peace is this seemingly elusive thing that we chase after we feel dissatisfied with some elements of our life. It has been there all along. We simply forgot, and have to go through a process of uncovering the truth – our truth.

On this retreat through the practices of yoga, meditation, guided inner visualisation, creative writing tools, empowerment techniques and the Inner Guidance Processā„¢, we explore and re-explore what it is that is keeping us from arriving more fully into our awareness.

Eliminate Stress and Restore Your Gut Health Retreat in Greece

Sept 2 – Sept 9, 2018 (8D, 7N)

Johnson Chong and Geeta Vara facilitated a beautiful week on the Ionian isle of Lefkada in Greece. The stunning backdrop encouraged an inner peace that pervaded the group very naturally. Through daily morning rituals, yoga and meditation designed to eliminate stress, the group learned practical tools they could take home with them to their busy urban lives. There were daily Ayurvedic workshops and discussions about applying this ancient knowledge for modern wellbeing. We also incorporated other tools like Inner Guidance and Ajna light therapy to aid in the acceleration of busting stress triggers.

Bhutan – A Yoga Pilgrimage into the Sacred Himalayas

May 24 -June 2, 2018

A group of 22 open and adventurous individuals and Johnson went retreated into the Himalayan mountains in the remote kingdom of Bhutan. They followed pilgrims to different Buddhist temples where they learned more about self-respect, honoring each other and the land. Traveling to four different regions, they were able to gain a flavor of Bhutanese culture and food, as well as take in the stunning scenery that emanated an indescribable peace. The stillness of Bhutan could be felt, and helped everyone to deepen their own inner development mentally, physically and spiritually. It was 10 days of discovering a new land and new people while learning how they were reflections of who we already are.

Chiang Mai Ajna Sanctuary Retreat

August 31 – September 3, 2017

The crisp mountain air of Chiang Mai makes it very different from the rest of Thailand. It carries a rich history from the Lanna people, and as a stronghold of Buddhism entering from the Himalayas in India. We enjoyed ourselves on cultural excursions to Thailand’s highest peak, and a tour of the old city, in addition to the rich yoga and ajna light meditation workshops. The group also helped to raise almost 23,000 THB for the truly inspiring Child’s Dream Organization based in Chiang Mai.


Yoga, Ajna Meditation & Holistic Healing
March 10 – 14, 2017 – Ubud, Bali

Johnson Chong led a beautiful group on a spiritual journey to Bali. The group experienced a massive clearing of old blockages and patterns that kept them in state of fear and doubt. Through the kundalini master class with Master Ketut Arsana, the daily yoga and ajna light meditations and the Water Purification Ceremony by High Priestess, Ida Resi Alit, and the Water blessings by High Priest Deva Karendra, everyone felt and undeniable connection of mind, body and spirit.

Batam Yoga, Meditation and Healing Immersion

April 22-24, 2016 Friday – Sunday (Batam, Indonesia)

Johnson, Lisa and a dedicated group of yogis spent a long weekend at the luxurious Montigo Resort really immersing in yogic wisdom. The long weekend was kicked off with fun team building obstacle courses designed for the Amazing Race, followed by enlightening workshops that explored yogic anatomy, pranayama and meditation. It was a short and sweet weekend full of laughter, education and spa pampering that rejuvenated the physical, mental and spiritual wholly from the inside out.

Koh Samui Pilates Detox Retreat

March 4-6, 2016 Friday – Sunday (Koh Samui, Thailand)

6 beautiful souls spent a long 3 day and 2 night weekend with founder Johnson Chong in Koh Samui, Thailand deepening their understanding of the body through pilates, their minds through meditation and their spirit through yoga. It was a holistic weekend of learning, sharing laughs and being open to new experiences. On top of the spa treatments and pampering, through embracing the call for a much needed time out, the entire group collectively re-discovered a sense of higher purpose and returned home more empowered.

Nepal Self Discovery Yoga Retreat

November 2015

Lisa and Johnson co-facilitated a beautiful program for 10 days in Nepal, where we had heart opening experiences one after the other: from our daily yoga practice to guided journeying meditations, under the Himalayan backdrop to observing the Tibetan monks chanting for world peace at 5 am to visiting a neglected Nepalese orphanage. We surrendered to Trust and the Universe and took a leap of faith on an adventure into the clouds, paragliding with our eagle friends alongside us.

In the spirit of community and being proclaimed citizens of Mother Earth, we seek to help others less fortunate than ourselves. For this trip, we collected winter clothing for the orphans, and raised money among our group to purchase school uniforms.

We are proud to also have raised $8,700 USD in donations to the Green Roots Nepal Group, a pro-active collective of expats and locals who work directly with low-caste villages overlooked by earthquake relief efforts. Their projects include eco-earth mud housing developments, sanitation education, re-farming education and social development.