The Exodus was the biblical story of how Moses delivered the Israelites from slavery to the ‘motherland’. Modern society has become enslaved by work, the latest gadgets and the limiting perspectives of urban dwelling, which keep us from accessing our inner motherland – which is the remembrance that we are more than 0ur physical experience. We are souls passing through a temporary physical experience and have become too engrossed in the minutiae of what is not important.

In the spirit of the exodus home, we are inspired as a team of yogis, shamans, nutritionists, Ayurvedic practitioners, healers and story tellers to lead urbanites to the ‘Promise’ Land. This Garden of Eden is a paradise that can be unlocked and re-entered if we simply open up to our latent potential, our bravery and our ability to love unconditionally. When these treasures come to full fruition, we begin to realize that the Holy Grail is within – just like the wise Rumi said ‘that which we are seeking is also seeking us.’

Infinite possibilities lay before us. Heaven on earth is not a mythical destination that is out of our reach. It is our birthright to enter and the keys to the kingdom reside in our hearts, patiently waiting for us to return home.

We hope to re-spark the inner child in you to have fun and to simply BE without judgments or expectations.

We aim to help you remember your soul purpose, which was intended for greater pursuits beyond material achievements, whether that means you re-kindle the fire of your inner painter, dancer or storyteller.

And to get there, it is with deep respect and high integrity that we create a safe container where you can say YES to those aspects of yourselves that have been shut down in the past.

When you attend an Exodus Retreats gathering, you will leave feeling nourished so that you can flourish in the fullness of who you truly are.


Johnson Chong

Founder of Exodus Healing & Retreats, Workshops & Retreat Facilitator

Johnson is a yoga teacher, pilates teacher, bodyworker, healer and light worker. He has had a blessed journey in meeting teachers and guides along his path who have illuminated his fullest potential in the ways of self-realization and self-mastery through the various traditions of movement and the Save healing arts. (…Read More)

Geeta Vara

Founder of Geeta Vara Ayurveda

Inspired by her Indian roots, British-born Practitioner Geeta Vara brings the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda to her clinic and workshops in London and online.

Using a holistic approach in her health consultations, Geeta helps resolve a host of complaints and health conditions through herbs, diet, nutrition, lifestyle coaching, therapeutic treatments, yoga, breathing and meditation. Her mission is to promote conscious living and empower her clients to be the healthiest version of themselves. (…Read More)

Lisa Low

Retreat Facilitator

Lisa’s strong practice is a true testament to her two plus decades of yoga practice. Her teachings inspire her students to develop a deeper connection with their own body, mind, breath and wellness.
Like most people, she started yoga to de-stress. At that point in her life, Lisa was looking for direction and read that yoga was like a ‘happy pill’. She was under the impression that yoga was all about meditation until she met one of her first teachers in an ashtanga class and hasn’t looked back since. (…Read More)