Lisa Low

Yoga Medicine and Pilates

Lisa’s strong practice is a true testament to her two plus decades of yoga practice. Her teachings inspire her students to develop a deeper connection with their own body, mind, breath and wellness.

Like most people, she started yoga to de-stress. At that point in her life, Lisa was looking for direction and read that yoga was like a ‘happy pill’. She was under the impression that yoga was all about meditation until she met one of her first teachers in a Hatha yoga class and hasn’t looked back since.

​To Lisa, yoga has evolved to become a holistic approach to wellness, involving much more than physical postures, but also including an emphasis on stilling the changing states of the mind (yogaśh-citta-vrtti-nirodhah). Her classes are strong, rigorous, yet refined, as they offer her students an understanding of the physical body through key anatomical focuses and attention to alignment. Her approach is extremely hands-on, and she encourages her students to develop and progress at their own pace.

Deeply passionate about her study and deep-seeded knowledge in myofascial and trigger point release, Lisa uses the technique as therapy and rehabilitation for students recovering from injuries. As part of her continued education in yoga and using yoga as medicine, therapy and alternative healing, Lisa is currently pursuing her 1000-hour advanced yoga teacher training with Yoga Medicine under the direct tutelage of Tiffany Cruikshank.

Besides a yoga teacher accreditation, Lisa is also a certified Balanced Body Pilates instructor, a Usui Reiki energy healer, and a Star 1 Spinning instructor based in Singapore.

Teaching yoga and wellness retreats naturally became the right fit for this wanderlust. She believes that home, is where the heart is. And that one can ‘come home,’ through travel and experiencing new perspectives. Lisa says that “being on a retreat is literally coming back to the heart where one can love and give unconditionally and it also is about coming back to a place where I can simply ‘be’ without judgment.

She hopes that anyone who chooses to go on a retreat to go with an open mind free of expectations, to embrace all that the experience has to offer, to try new things to be patient and most importantly, to laugh out loud, allowing silliness to reign.

“A spiritual retreat to my mind, is quite literally a ‘RE-treat’. When you ‘RE-treat’, you are literally taking a step back. By taking a step back, you allow space for Yourself to shine. Space to simply breathe. Space to acknowledge your own presence. Space to learn and understand yourself. Space to find yourself in unfamiliar grounds, often with unfamiliar people, doing unfamiliar things.” – Lisa Low