Amara Samata

Amara Samata is the creator of the InnerGuidanceTM process, the InnerMirrorTM Method and is the Founder of Inner Guidance International where she trains and mentors facilitators in leading this powerfully transformational work.

Amara’s journey began when she was very young. Seeing the conflict her my world, within her own family and in her school, she was born with a deep desire to question everything. What is going on here? What is God? What is Love? What is True? What is really REAL?

The moments when she fell into great suffering and sadness as a girl, a daughter, a young woman, an actress, a wife and as a mother devoted to her son, led her on the path of healing. It was her way to overcome the pain of self-sabotage, marital divorce and to make peace with the world and her experience in it.

Over the years on her spiritual journey, she has overcome 9 years of bulimia, and 7 years of chronic back pain, low self-esteem and has stepped forward into her role as a conscious evolutionist without fear or attachment to labels.

She doesn’t consider the work she does as “healing”, rather healing is a natural by-product of the conscious awareness she initiates in her clients. After 12 years of studying self-empowerment work, spirituality, yoga and meditation, she ventured deeper into awakening processes with various healers. At the same time, she studied daily with her Tibetan Lama of the Dzogchen Mahayana Buddhist tradition. Over time, she herself was transformed and she synthesized the InnerGuidanceTM process, which is an integration of hands-on energetic work, guided visualizations, meditation, inner inquiry, clairvoyant readings, group celebratory rituals, intuitive strategic coaching and more.

She has worked with over 2000 people to experience themselves in a new and more holistic way, and is excited to continue sharing the power of truth, trust and transparency in the world.

Words of Wisdom from Amara

What transformations have you witnessed in clients/people you have worked with?

“I’ve got the best job in the world! I’m privileged and honored to be able to see into the depth of others’ systems and offer them the invitation of liberation. I’ve witnessed more than once, rape victims taking back their power and bowing to that experience, letting it go FOR GOOD. I’ve seen families heal old karmic wounds and give each other permission to love and accept one another in new healthy ways again. I’ve seen a woman stand up out of her wheelchair 7 days later and now she drives herself to the gym. I’ve seen a Guru confess their sins of jealousy and misuse of power and return to their students in a more humble and transparent way. I’ve seen a mother commune with her teenage daughter who died and seeing the reasons why she was able to move on with joy. I’ve seen a Muslim father give his ½ Muslim daughter permission to remove her headdress. I’ve seen her shower him with love.”

What has your greatest realization or learning been?

“The ongoing mastery of the living paradox of everything, nothing and the path that leads right back to NOW. Fear is only Love waiting to be embraced consciously.”

Do you have one tip to share for happiness and wellbeing in everyday life?

“Yes, every time you catch yourself acting out of lack of trust, fear, obligation or unconscious sacrifice STOP. Give yourself a little love pat and say, “Oh, I’m doing it again. It’s ok, I don’t need to do that. I’m good.” Take a deep breath in, exhale and respond anew.”